A Lapitec® outdoor kitchen for a panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Project: Outdoor kitchen
Location: Praia a Mare, Cosenza - IT
Material used: Bianco Polare, Lux
Use: Outdoor kitchen wall tiles
Performing the work: Nicodemo Marmi, Praia a Mare, Cosenza

Lapitec® sintered stone was chosen to give life to a modern outdoor kitchen designed by Sfera Otto Design Project, in order to provide aesthetic and spatial harmony in the residence overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. A unique location that has become the backdrop for a fantastic partnership. 

The Lux finish for a unique outdoor kitchen

Lapitec® full-grain sintered stone in Bianco Polare Lux was chosen to completely cover both the outdoor kitchen tops and doors and the large table that is inserted into the side of the kitchen itself and extends for nine meters into the large garden. The result is a strong impact design that combines the majesty of the dimensions with an aesthetic lightness provided by the colour chosen. The kitchen has a built-in sink, a filotop hob and a series of refrigerated drawers and compartments, all completely cut into the Lapitec®. The result is a minimalist, dry aesthetic that gives precedence to functionality without showing it. The Lapitec®, in fact, represents a versatile solution from the point of view of workability, with an intrinsic and natural material elegance that makes this outdoor kitchen a real jewel of modern furnishing.