Lapitec® for the Domino's bar counter

Project: Domino's
Place: Birkirkara, Malta
Completion date: September 2017
Materials used: Grigio Cemento, Lux
Application: Bar counter and table
Distribuidor: Rabat Marbles, Malta

The famous chain, Domino's, with more than 11,000 pizzerias in the world, has chosen Lapitec® for its new store in Malta.
The restaurant combines the blue and red colours of the famous brand with the Grigio Cemento of the sintered Lapitec® stone in Lux finish, with Maltese stone.


Sintered stone for the bar counter

An "open concept design" with the bar counter in Lapitec® that allows customers to see their pizza in every phase of its preparation, guaranteeing an atmosphere of elegance and functionality.

Sintered stone is the preferred material for the furnishing of food&beverage premises, where high attendance imposes high hygienic and sanitary standards, as well as materials that are resistant and easy to clean, such as Lapitec®, which is also used for all the tables.
Very few joints, to take full advantage of the large Lapitec® format. The 45° veils, 12 mm and 20 mm thick, were produced by Rabat Marbles.

Lapitec® is therefore an ideal material for bar furniture too: the simple and functional solution for both restaurateurs and customers for a relaxing and... "Domino Effect".