Shopping centre facade cladding: the elegance and technology of Lapitec arrives in Bratislava.

Project Name: Mall
Location: Slovacchia
Date of completion: August 2017
Material: Casablanca, Urban
Application: Cladding external wall

The power of technology. When it comes to design choices, architecture firms often look for materials that combine elegance with the latest technical features.
Lapitec® was the focus for the application of the exterior wall cladding on this grand Bratislava building, its sintered stone made in Italy and dedicated to exterior design. In the nuance of Casablanca, the Urban finish completely covers the building, giving it a dash of elegance and purity in this corner of the Slovak capital dedicated to business.

The advantages of Lapitec® for external wall cladding

The coatings of ventilated facades are perfect for giving unique colours and emphasising the quality and stability of buildings, as in this case.
The difference is the performance: here in addition to the undoubted aesthetic impact, this facade is a future investment for minimum necessary maintenance (it is self-cleaning) and for material compactness.
Lapitec® is the ideal external architectural panel that guarantees complete resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays, frost and "urban" issues, such as smog or graffiti, while preserving its unique aesthetic and technical features.
The Sika polyurethane glue system is used for the fixing of this ventilated facade in Lapitec®.